October 29, 2017

Now hiring 2017-18

If you see solutions where others see problems...

You could be steam-cleaning tanks, welding a damaged pipe, working a dredge on a tailings pond or winterizing electrical controls. You could be analyzing contaminants in our lab or you could be organizing the shift rotations for some of our 2,200 employees.

We're hiring right now!

No matter the job title, remember: at CEDA, everyone is a problem-solver.
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No matter what department you work in, you’ll have something in common with all of your colleagues — CEDA team members enjoy taking something that’s inefficient and making it work better.
CEDA is a complete industrial services provider. What that means is that we offer seven key services to our clients: pressure and vacuum, chemical cleaning, mechanical and fabrication, pigging and decoking, dredging and fluid management, pipeline services and electrical services.
We hire people from different industries, from different areas, with lots of different skills, because our clients’ problems are complex, time-sensitive and spread across Canada and the United States. And because this work is so diverse, our new employees come with many different backgrounds and experiences. For CEDA, the most important quality is always a can-do attitude. If you start looking for solutions as soon as you see a problem, you’ll have no problem working for CEDA. We’re a practical, hands-on and action-oriented organization.

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